25-Point Expert Mortgage System (EMS)

So, you're ready to buy a home? The Imber Group's straight-forward 25-Point EMS makes the process easy and stress-free every step of the way.

  1. Meet with your Imber Group Mortgage Consultant for a no-cost, no obligation needs analysis.

  2. Complete loan application.
  3. Credit and qualifying review.
  4. You’re preapproved!  Before writing an offer, be sure to ask your Imber Group Mortgage Consultant how long they need to close the loan.
  5. You find the home of your dreams & write an offer on it.
  6. Your offer is accepted . . . Congratulations!
  7. Consultation with your Imber Group Loan Consultant and decide on a loan program (see customized loan programs)
  8. Order your home inspection & any other necessary inspections.
  9. Discuss locking in your interest rate with your Imber Group Mortgage Consultant.
  10. Home inspection completed. Time for your Buyer’s Agent to help you through negotiating repairs.
  11. Upon inspection approval Your Imber Group Mortgage Consultant orders the appraisal.
  12. Time to order Homeowner’s Insurance from your insurance agent. Also called “Hazard Insurance” or “Fire Insurance.” See Trusted Affiliate Preferred Network Partners for pre-screened quality referrals.
  13. The appraiser visits the home to estimate it’s value.
  14. Appraisal is completed.
  15. Receive approval for financing contingency (if necessary).
  16. Start to prepare for moving.  Change of address forms and postcards to friends and relatives provided by The Imber Group.
  17. Your Imber Group Mortgage Consultant requests any final paperwork from you.
  18. Final loan review. The appraisal, income, & asset documentation is reviewed by loan underwriter.
  19. Your Imber Group Mortgage Consultant will confer with you to complete any outstanding underwriting conditions.
  20. Check source of down payment. If it is in investment accounts, it can take up to 10 days to get it out, so plan ahead.
  21. Final loan approval. Loan underwriter signs off on the loan and loan documents are ordered.
  22. Escrow officer or closing attorney calculates the costs & credits for all parties.
  23. Review Final Closing Disclosure (CD) with your Imber Group Mortgage Consultant.
  24. Signing day. Bring in your cashier’s check to close the deal & sign all loan & closing documents.
  25. Congratulations, you’re a homeowner! The loan closes & the home is transferred into your name.

Really Happy Clients

  • "We are first time home buyers and our realtor suggested we check out a couple of mortgage companies to get a pre-approval letter. With The Imber Group It could have not been easier. I initially spoke with Stuart Imber on the phone and he immediately invited me to meet face-to-face if I preferred. I can’t tell you how rare that is in my experience with banks! My wife and I met at his office (after he offered to come to our home!) and were blown away by how he walked us through the loan process. Stuart and his staff prepared us for potential pitfalls and suggested ways to avoid delays. We met our loan commitment and closed as scheduled without any issues. We could not recommend The Imber Group any higher!"
    St. Louis, MO
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